Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LiNK "Crossing" Screening

About the Film:
Yong-soo is an ex-soccer player who lives in a small coalmining village in North Korea with his wife and young son, Joon. Despite living in extreme poverty, like many in North Korea, Yong-soo’s family is just happy to be together.

But Yong-soo’s pregnant wife becomes critically ill and proper medicine, let alone sufficient food, is hard to find in North Korea. So he decides to secretly cross the border into China, hoping to find medicine for her. Before leaving, he tells young Joon to take care of his mother, promising to return with food and medicine in just ten days.

After many life-threatening moments in China, Yong-soo is transported to South Korea, becoming a refugee prohibited to return to his family. Meanwhile, his wife passes away leaving young Joon alone and destitute. With no one to turn to, Joon soon meets up with an old friend and they try to escape into China as well.

Following his father, Joon attempts to cross the river into China. But they are captured near the border by North Korean guards and sent to a youth detention camp where they are severely mistreated as traitors.

Meanwhile in South Korea, Young-soo desperately searches for a way to bring his son safely into freedom.

Taken from a number of true stories of North Korean refugees, Crossing is the first film to accurately depict the trials and hardships faced every day by the North Korean people.

Directed by KIM Tae-kyun.

- Taken from the LiNK Global website.

We will be having two screenings, at 4 PM and at 7 PM. In addition to the screening we'll be serving Korean snacks and refreshments.

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See you there!